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Customer Exit Insp. Point Processing

When a new inspection point is created, a partial lot is proposed for the inspection point in results recording. This happens in FORM routine TL_DATEN_VORSCHLAGEN of program LQAPPF10. Module QAFD_LAST_PARTIAL_LOT_READ is called here. It determines a partial lot using the following logic:

  • If a partial lot is already assigned to a previous inspection point of the current operation, this partial lot is proposed on the inspection point screen.
  • If a partial lot has not been assigned to any inspection point in the current operation, the module determines if a partial lot was assigned to a previous operation.
    • If a partial lot was assigned to a previous operation, this one is proposed.
    • If a partial lot has not been assigned to an operation, the partial lot to which inspection points have most often been assigned in the current inspection lot is determined. This partial lot is then proposed.
  • If no partial lots were assigned to any inspection points in the currentinspection lot, no partial lot is proposed by the system.

If you want to use your own logic for the partial lot proposal, you can use this enhancement. Use module QAFD_LAST_PARTIAL_LOT_READ as a guide when you program module EXIT_SAPLQAPP_004.

  • EXIT_SAPLQAPP_004: Customer Exit 4 for Inspection Point Processing (Partial Lot Default)