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Customer Exit Insp. Point Processing
If you activate this user exit, it will run when a new partial lot is created for an inspection point.

From a technical standpoint, this occurs after screen 0200 (from FORM routine TL_NEU_ANLEGEN of program LQAPPF10) is sent.

Since the modified partial lot record is copied from the user exit, you can use this user exit to supply those fields with data that were supplemented customer-specifically in the partial lot record using the ADD-FIELD technique for the partial lot record.

For example, partial lots or batches can be combined if:

  • several partial lots/batches are created from a single partial lot/batch
  • a single partial lot/batch is created from several partial lots/batches

You can classify the new batch with the help of user exit QMSP0002, using the characteristic values of the previous batch.


Even if no changes were made to the partial lot record, structure

  • EXIT_SAPLQAPP_005: Create partial lot