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Inspection point processing
This user exit provides a function for function key CTRL-F12 when you record inspection point or partial lot data in transactions QE11 and QE12 (record and change characteristic results for an inspection point).

Enhancement QAPP0007 contains function code '+US2'(CTRL-F12) and function module EXIT_SAPLQAPP_007 as components.

Module EXIT_SAPLQAPP_007 (Include ZXQAPU07) is run, if function key '+US2' (CTRL-F12) is pressed.

To use this enhancement, proceed as follows:

  • Activate the exit with transaction CMOD.
  • Enter a text for function key CTRL-F12.
  • Program the include ZXQAPU07.

The following data can be changed in this user exit:

  • Inspection point
  • Partial lot
  • Usage decision for the partial lot
  • Update indicator for the partial lot UD

Changes to data in the user exit can lead to errors or inconsistencies. Furthermore, certain changes (e.g. to the confirmation number of the operation in the inspection point record) in the calling program will be canceled. For this reason, you should check carefully any changes that are made in the user exit.

If you do not make any changes to the data records, do not forget to add the import structures to the export structures. (Example: MOVE I_QAPPV TO E_QAPPV.)

Examples of how you can use exit QAPP0007:

  • Calling transactions.
  • Validating entries, such as the quantity fields for an inspection point.

  • Function/Program:
    • SAPLQAPP+US2: User function 2
    • EXIT_SAPLQAPP_007: User Function Key Call CTRL-F12