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Quality Certs on the World Wide Web

This exit concerns the list of materials for the criteria customer number, material group, search string and language.
This list is created by function module QC07_CUST_SAREAS_MATERIALS_GET. It is called by the RFC-capable function module BAPI_CUST_SAREAS_MATERIALS_GET.

The following possibilities are available:

  • Based on the criteria, you determine that no list should be output.
  • You would like to carry out your own material selection, instead of using the standard module selection.
  • You are using the standard selection, but would like to rework the materials list, before it is sent out.
  • Certain customer groups should be denied access to the list of materials.
    You are using module EXIT_SAPLQC07_003 to read in data (customer group) using the customer number. Based on this data you can decide whether a list may be created (confirmation parameter E_NOT_ALLOWED initial), or not (E_NOT_ALLOWED activated).
  • You would like to put together a list of materials for a customer from various tables. It should only contain materials for which an agreement was reached with the customer.
    You are using module EXIT_SAPLQC07_004 to carry out your own selection. Afterwards the list of materials is complete, i.e. no further products should be read. You have to fill export parameter E_STOP_SELECTION.
  • You can use the predefined selection, but you should subsequently limit the product table on a customer-specific basis.
    You are using module EXIT_SAPLQC07_005 and
    • EXIT_SAPLQC07_003: Quality Certs on the World Wide Web: Authorization mats for Customers
    • EXIT_SAPLQC07_004: Quality Certificates on the World Wide Web: Customer Finds Materials
    • EXIT_SAPLQC07_005: Quality Certificates on the World Wide Web: Limit Materials for Customer