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Customer Functions:Dynamic Modification

The function module in this enhancement EXIT_SAPLQDQV_002 (customer function "002") is called within the function modules QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_INS and QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_READ_ONLY.

These function modules allow the current inspection stage for sample determination to be determined when inspection lots are created.

Samples are determined using the function modules QDSE_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING (for sample determination with a task list) or QDSE_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING_NO_PLAN (for sample determination without a task list).

You can use the function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_002 to modify the inspection stage for sample calculation that is determined by the system using the current quality level.


The function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_002 is called at the end of the function modules QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_INS and QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_READ_ONLY. The modified inspection stage is copied to the calling function module QDSE_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING or QDSE_DYNAMIC_SAMPLING_NO_PLAN.

The inspections carried out in these function modules and the possible changes to the inspection stage returned by the function modules QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_INS and QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_READ_ONLY are also carried out in an inspection stage modified by the function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_002.


Example of call sequence "Inspecting with a task list and dynamic modification by lot":

  • EXIT_SAPLQDQV_002: Influence of Determined Inspection Stage for Sample Determination