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Customer Functions:Dynamic Modification

The function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_003 (Customer function "003") listed in this enhancement is called up within the function modules QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_INS or QDQV_Q_LEVEL_PT_READ_ONLY in the form START_STUFE_ERMITTELN.

This form is called up to determine the initial inspection stage for the quality level during inspection lot creation at automatic initial data creation for the quality level. Function model EXIT_SAPLQDQV_003 is at the end of the form.

You can use this form to modify the initial inspection stage determined by the system for the quality level.


You can also determine the inspection lot number (plus other data) using the imported interface for the function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_003.

To determine the current inspection lot work area and inspection specifications, you can use the following function modules in the customer function:

    For dynamic modification at lot level or inspection type level
    For dynamic modification at inspection type level

At this point, the characteristic specification tables do not contain the data, that was determined during sample determination for the inspection lot. For example, there is no entry in the field PRUEFUMF (quantity to be inspected) in QAMV_TAB.

The function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_003 is not run, if the quality level already exists and the system changes to the initial inspection stage based on the new dynamic modification rule.

Note that the function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_002 (enhancement QDSE002) is always run, even if the quality level has been newly created. It is run after the function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_003.

If you change the initial inspection stage for the quality level from the one in the dynynamic modification rule using the function module EXIT_SAPLQDQV_003, all inspections are performed based on the determined inspection stage for the actual inspection lot in the

  • EXIT_SAPLQDQV_003: Exit for Inspection Stage at Automatic Creation of Quality Level