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Customer Functions: Results Recording
You can use this customer enhancement to change the characteristic short text in results recording. The changed characteristic short text is not saved.

You should use the enhancement to display the characteristic short text in other languages. We recommend you load the characteristic short text from the master inspection characteristic. You can use the master inspection characteristic as a referenced master inspection characteristic or copy model.

Description of the Interface

The structure I_QAMKR contains the specifications and results for the inspection characteristic.

The parameters I_QPMK_WERKS, I_VERWMERKM and I_MKVERSION describe the master inspection characteristic.

The parameter I_LOS_SPRACHE contains the language in which the inspection lot has been created.

The structure I_QALS contains inspection lot data.

If the export parameter E_MOVE_KURZTEXT = 'X', the short text (changed in the enhancement) is copied.

The new characteristic short text is found in parameter E_KURZTEXT .

If the parameter E_SPRACHE is not set in the enhancement, the logon language is used as the default language when you use the enhancement. This parameter only applies for inspection characteristics in the operation.


If the enhancement has been activated, the long text for the master inspection characteristic is displayed for copied master inspection characteristics, and not the long text from the task list.

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