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Cust. Exits when Reading Configuration
The function module given in this customer enhancement EXIT_SAPLQMCF_001 (customer function "001") is called from the module QMCF_SPECIFICATION_CONFIG_READ. The module QMCF_SPECIFICATION_CONFIG_READ is called if one of the indicators Inspect acc. to configuration or Inspect by batch is set in the QM inspection data for the inspection type.

The following parameters and tables are transferred to the module when it is called:

  • I_QALS: inspection lot workarea
  • T_QMSP_SPECTAB: If an inspection with a material specification is planned, this table contains characteristics from the material specfication. If the enhancement QMSP0001 is active, this table can have already been modified accordingly.
  • T_QMSP_CONFTAB: This table contains characteristics from the configuration or batch determination.
  • T_RQMCFTAB: This table contains a conbination of characteristics from the tables mentioned above. If a characteristic is in both table T_QMSP_SPECTAB and table T_QMSP_CONFTAB, all the specifications, such as, tolerances are copied from the table T_QMSP_CONFTAB. In addition to the characteristics and their specifications, the table contains an "Origin" indicator that is blank if the characteristic only appears in table T_QMSP_SPECTAB (characteristic is only available in the material specification, but not in the configuration or batch determination). Otherwise, this field contains the entry "X". Since this field in the characteristic specifications is used by the subsequent program to transfer entries to the field QAMV-QPMK_REF (see relevant documentation in the fixed values for domains), you must not
    • EXIT_SAPLQMCF_001: Customer Exit for Reading Configuration/Material Specification