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Customer Exits Specification
The function module EXIT_SAPLQMSP_002 (customer enhancement '002') performed in this enhancement is called up in the modules QMSP_VALUATE_CHARACTERISTIC and QMSP_COMPARE_QM_BATCH_VALUES.

The module QMSP_VALUATE_CHARACTERISTIC is responsible for classifying the batch based on the measurement results in QM.
The module is called up at the following times:

  • When you make the usage decision
  • When you assign partial lots to batches during an inspection with inspection points

The interface for customer enhancement '002' consists of the following elements:

  • I_MATNR: Material
  • I_CHARG: Batch to be classified
  • I_WERKS: Plant for the batch
  • I_OVERWRITE: Indicator for overwriting existing values in the batch. In this system, the value 'X' is entered in this field.
  • E_OVERWRITE : Overwrite indicator. You can set this to ensure that the values in the batch are not overwritten. In this case, you must change the setting in the customer enhancement from "X" to BLANK.


Even if you want to use the standard process flow defined by SAP for overwriting, you must ensure that the values E_OVERWRITE and I_OVERWRITE agree (E_OVERWRITE = I_OVERWRITE).

  • T_QMSPTAB: If the indicator 'Batch valuation without material specification' is not set in the plant default settings for QM (view V_TQSS1, table TQSS1) in Customizing, this table contains all QMSP records (table for material specification) for material I_MATNR in plant I_WERKS in the standard system, for which the field ATINN (key for the class characteristic) is not initial. These are the records for which there is a link between the master inspection characteristic and the class characteristic from the batch class in the material specification. If the indicator has been set, this table contains all the records in the standard system from the transferred table T_QAMKRTAB, for which the fields VERWMERKM and ATINN have entries. These are the master inspection characteristics which are linked to a class characteristic and which are to be inspected or have already been inspected. Note that in this case, you should only make entries in those fields which are important for processing. These fields are ATINN (class characteristic), WERKS (plant for the master inspection characteristic), MKMNR (name of the master inspection characteristic), and VERSION (master inspection characteristic version).

Meaning of this table: Results should be recorded for the class characteristics using the corresponding master inspection characteristics.

  • T_QAMKRTAB: In the standard system, this table contains the characteristics to be inspected with summarized information (for example, mean values).

Measurement results can only be transferred to classification for master inspection charcteristics that exist in both the T_QAMKRTAB and T_QMSPTAB tables (with a reference to a class characteristic of the batch class).
For an automatic transfer to the classification, you must enter data in the following fields:

  • T_QAMKRTAB-QPMK_WERKS: Plant for the master inspection characteristic
  • T_QAMKRTAB-VERWMEKM: Master inspection characteristic identifier
  • T_QAMKRTAB-MKVERSION: Master inspection characteristic version
  • T_QAMKRTAB-MITTELWNI: Must be set to 'X' (for quantitative characteristics)
  • T_QAMKRTAB-MITTELWERT: Value to be transferred for classification (for quantitative characteristics)
  • T_QAMKRTAB-MASSEINHSW: Unit of measurement (for quantitative characteristics)
  • T_QAMKRTAB-GRUPPE1: Code group for confirmed attribute codes (for qualtitative characteristics)
  • T_QAMKRTAB-CODE1: Confirmed attribute codes (for qualtitative characteristics)
  • T_QAMKRTAB-STATUSR: Must be set to '5'

All other fields are not relevant.

The module QMSP_COMPARE_QM_BATCH_VALUES compares the measured values recorded in the inspection with the values that are already available in batch classification. The module is called up at the same time as the module QMSP_VALUATE_CHARACTERISTIC.

An example is stored in member LXQMSF02.
The following two variants for the standard system are contained in this example:

  • In the standard system, table T_QMSPTAB contains the entries from table QMSP (material specification) for which the field ATINN is not blank.
    However, table T_QMSPTAB is created for all master inspection characteristics in this example of the user exit for which a link exists to class characteristics (independent of the material specification).
    If several master inspection characteristics are relevant, make sure you consider system performance: The master inspection characteristic file QPMK must be reread for each master inspection characteristic.
    Note that this example can be shown in the standard system from Release 4.5, if you set the corresponding indicator in table TQSS1 (plant-dependent QM settings) in Customizing (see above).
  • In the standard system, the mean value of each characteristic is transferred to the batch classification.
    In the second part of the example, the relevant table T_QAMKRTAB is expanded in the event that each measured single value is to be
    • EXIT_SAPLQMSP_002: Customer Exit for Characteristic Valuation of Batch Classification