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Customer Exit for FUGR CQBM

In this enhancement, all customer exits for inspection characteristics are defined for purposes checking or processing formulas.

The following customer exits have already been created:

  • EXIT_SAPLQPAA_001: checking the formula for a calculated characteristic
  • EXIT_SAPLCQBM_001: checking the formula from within the consistency list
  • EXIT_SAPLQEEM_001: calculating the formula in results recording


Member LXCQBF01 contains an example showing how a called up check can be linked back to function module EXIT_SAPLQPAA_001.

  • EXIT_SAPLCQBM_001: Customer Exit When Checking Formula in CQ_BM_QSS_CONSISTENCY_CHECK
  • EXIT_SAPLCQCL_002: Customer-Specific Formula Checks in Inspection Characteristic (EWB)
  • EXIT_SAPLQEEM_001: Customer Function for Calculating Formulas in Results Recording
  • EXIT_SAPLQPAA_001: Customer Function for Formula Testing in SAPLQPAA