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EWB: Mat-Rout.Assignment Customer Exits

With this enhancement you can influence the plan selection in the inspection lot. You can also edit an additional field (MAPL-SUCHFELD) during the material/plan assignment in the plan maintenance transaction.

To allow this additional field to be processed, three exits (EXIT_SAPLCZDI...) have been integrated into the plan maintenance transaction. Only one exit each can be activated when formatting the selection parameters in the inspection lot program (EXIT_SAPLQPL1_001) and plan selection program (EXIT_SAPLQPAP_002).

  • EXIT_SAPLCZCL_001: EWB: Exit to the search field test in material/ routing assignment (MAPL)
  • EXIT_SAPLCZDI_001: Output Control Search Field for Inspection Plans in SAPLCZDI-4010
  • EXIT_SAPLCZDI_002: Validation Search Field in MAPL on Screen SAPLCZDI 4010
  • EXIT_SAPLCZDI_003: F4 Input Help for Search Field in SAPLCZDI 4010
  • EXIT_SAPLCZOV_001: EWB: Exit for search field F4 help in the material/ routing assignment
  • EXIT_SAPLQPAP_002: Customer Function for Task List Selection
  • EXIT_SAPLQPL1_001: Predefine Selection Parameters for Task List Selection from Inspection Lot