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Customer Functions: Inspection Lot
This enhancement allows you to display or change additional data on the screens for the inspection lot transactions.

All fields in table QALS are available for display. You can only make limited changes to the customer-specific fields of the table enhancement CI_QALS (forms the basis of the table QALS).

Displaying data:

Activate the subscreen you require and use enhancement EXIT_SAPLQPL1_004 to make entries for the fields. The inspection lot fields in the structure I_QALS are available for this. You can access status management data using the function modules STATUS_READ (to load) or STATUS_CHECK (to check).

Changing data: You can only change the fields in the Include CI_QALS. Therefore, create the structure again in the Dictionary and add the fields you require to this structure.

The enhancement EXIT_SAPLQPL1_004 then transfers the current status of QALS to the function group XQPL, where you can change the data on the customer-specific subscreens.

The enhancement EXIT_SAPLQPL1_006 can be used to return the changed data using the structure E_QALS_CUST to the inspection lot.

When you save QALS, the changed data is automatically saved.

  • EXIT_SAPLQPL1_004: Transfer of Inspection Lot Data to User Screen
  • EXIT_SAPLQPL1_006: Transfer of Inspection Lot Data from User Screen
  • SAPLQPL10101_USER0001_SAPLXQPL0100: Inspection Lot : Assign Vendor
  • SAPLQPL10102_USER0001_SAPLXQPL0100: Inspection Lot : Inspection Plan Assignment
  • SAPLQPL10103_USER0001_SAPLXQPL0100: Inspection Lot: Sample Size
  • SAPLQPL10104_USER0001_SAPLXQPL0100: Inspection Lot : Assign Customer
  • SAPLQPL10105_USER0001_SAPLXQPL0100: Inspection Lot : Assign to Production
  • SAPLQPL10200_USER0001_SAPLXQPL0100: Inspection Lot: Create/Change Screen Container
  • SAPLQPL10300_USER0001_SAPLXQPL0100: Inspection Lot: Central Display Screen