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Customer Exits for Master Insp. Char.
The function module EXIT_SAPLQPMK_003 (customer enhancement "003") listed in this enhancement is called up within the function module QPMK_MSTCHA_VERS_DELETE.

The function module QPMK_MSTCHA_VERS_DELETE deletes a version of a master inspection characteristic in the R/3 System. It is called up at the following time:

  • When a master inspection characteristic is deleted using the ALE layer (posting IDOCs).

The interface for customer enhancement "003" has the following components:

  • I_MASTER_CHA: Master inspection characteristic (attribute as header line); plant, master inspection characteristic and version are key fields.
  • E_MASTER_CHA: Master inspection characteristic as outbound parameter (header line).

Use this customer enhancement to modify the data for a master inspection characteristic version, according to your requirements. The data for the master inspection characteristic version itself must be returned to the calling program in parameter E_MASTER_CHA.

If program processing is returned to the calling program, the data, which may have been changed in the customer enhancement, is checked. In the case of an error, messages can be generated, and the data is not saved to the database.

This check prvents inconsistencies in the database. If there are no errors, the data is saved to the database.


If this customer enhancement is activated, you must make sure that the parameter E_MASTER_CHA is not blank (empty). If, for example, the data for the master inspection characteristic only needs to be passed on, the values for the parameter I_MASTER_CHA must be transferred to the parameter E_MASTER_CHA (also: MOVE-CORRESPONDING I_MASTER_CHA TO E_MASTER_CHA.)

  • EXIT_SAPLQPMK_003: Customer Exit for Deleting a Master Insp. Char. Version