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Customer Exits for Master Insp. Char.
With this customer enhancement, when using ALE to distribute master inspection characteristics, you can process the receiving systems to which the master inspection characteristic is to be sent.

The function module EXIT_SAPLQSMT_010 (customer enhancement "010") is called up within the function module BAPI_QPMK_REPLICATE.

The function module BAPI_QPMK_REPLICATE reads the data for a master inspection characteristic (for all versions) from the database, prepares this, and generates an IDOC, which is transferred to the target system.

The BAPI_QPMK_REPLICATE, determines the target system or system(s), to which the IDoc is to be sent, as well as reading the master inspection characteristic data. The target system can either be entered manually, or defined using the distribution model.

The function module is called up at the following times:

  • When one or more master inspection characteristics is sent manually or directly with the help of the transaction QL21
  • If the automatic ALE distribution of master inspection characteristics in Customizing was switched on, and a master inspection characteristic is changed in the source system, or saved to the database

The interface for customer enhancement "010" has the following components:

  • I_MASTER_CHA: master inspection characteristic; this parameter is only made available as an import parameter, because no data is to be changed here. The receiving systems can therefore be processed depending on the I_MASTER_CHA.
  • I_PLANT: Plant for master inspection characteristic
  • T_RECEIVERS: In this table, you can find the receiving systems (entered manually or distribution model), to which the master inspection characteristic data is to be sent. With the help of this customer enhancement, you can filter data here - as well as the options in the distribution model- to show the destination of the data.

If necessary, modify the receiving systems according to your requirements, with the help of this customer enhancement. New entries can be added for both tables, and entires can also be deleted.

If the parameter T_RECEIVERS is modified, you must note that the

  • EXIT_SAPLQPMK_010: Customer Enhancement.: Receiving System for ALE Distr. Master Ins. Char.