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Customer Functions: Physical Sample
This customer enhancement allows you to display or change additional data on the screens for sample transactions.

All fields for tables QPRS (sample master record) and QPRN (sample-drawing record) can be displayed. You can only make changes to user-defined fields for table enhancement CI_QPRS (part of table QPRS).

Data display:

Activate the desired subscreen and enter data in the fields on the screen using enhancement EXIT_SAPLQPRS_005. The fields for the sample master record are available in structure I_QPRS and those for the sample-drawing record in structure I_QPRN. You can access data on status management using the function module STATUS_READ (for reading) or STATUS_CHECK (for inspecting).

Changing data:

Only fields for the include CI_QPRS are changed. Therefore, create the structure again in the dictionary and extend the structure to include the desired fields.

Only the current status of QPRS, QPRN is transferred to the function group XQPR using enhancement EXIT_SAPLQPRS_005 and can then be changed on the user-defined subscreens.

The changed data using structure E_QPRS_CUST can be returned to the sample master record using enhancement EXIT_SAPLQPRS_007.

  • EXIT_SAPLQPRS_005: Transfer of Data From Physical-Sample Master Record to User Screen
  • EXIT_SAPLQPRS_007: Transfer of Sample Data From User Screen
  • SAPLQPRS0101_USER0001_SAPLXQPR0100: Data screen for physical sample
  • SAPLQPRS1100_USER0001_SAPLXQPR0200: Subscreen: Sample Origin
  • SAPLQPRS1200_USER0001_SAPLXQPR0300: Subscreen insp. lot data
  • SAPLQPRS1300_USER0001_SAPLXQPR0400: Physical-Sample-Drawing Subscreen
  • SAPLQPRS1400_USER0001_SAPLXQPR0500: Subscreen storage