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Customer Exits QM/PM Notifications

With this customer enhancement, you can include additional data on the detail screen for the notification item (screen SAPLIQS0 3030).

The notification header data and item data are transferred to the function group for this purpose. You can then include this data on the customer-specific subscreen.

You can change the data. Make sure you transfer the structure VIQMFE to the export structure E_VIQMFE, before you leave the user exit. Only in this way, are the fields that you did not change transferred back properly.


If field TQ80-USERSCR2 (which you can maintain in the Customizing application) contains a screen number, this screen is called up as a subscreen; otherwise screen 0100 is used.
It is important that the screens for program SAPLXQQM are defined.

If you want to add your own fields to the VIQMFE view, you must include

  • EXIT_SAPMIWO0_010: Customer Exit: Transfer Item Data to User Screen
  • EXIT_SAPMIWO0_011: Customer Exit: Transfer Item Data from User Screen
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0100: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0210: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0211: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0212: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0213: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0214: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0215: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0220: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0221: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0222: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0223: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0224: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0225: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0230: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0231: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0232: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0233: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0234: Item Detail
  • SAPLIQS03030_USER0002_SAPLXQQM0235: Item Detail