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Set CUA Status

You use this customer enhancement to activate your own function codes for the notification processing and display transactions, that is:
Maintenance and
Quality notifications. You can use these function codes, for example, to call up a customer-specific view for the cause.
The function codes are included in the menu under Goto -> Item -> Causes.


For additional information, see the documentation for the individual components of this enhancement:

Function exit 012
Function exit 013
Function code

  • SAPLICUA+U18: No description
  • SAPLICUA+U19: No description
  • SAPLICUA+U20: No description
  • SAPLQGN01+U18: No description
  • SAPLQGN01+U19: No description
  • SAPLQGN01+U20: No description
  • SAPLQM00+U18: No description
  • SAPLQM00+U19: No description
  • SAPLQM00+U20: No description
  • SAPMIWO0+U18: No description
  • SAPMIWO0+U19: No description
  • SAPMIWO0+U20: No description
  • EXIT_SAPLIQS0_012: Function Codes in "Goto/Cause" Menu in Notification Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLIQS0_013: Supply Function Codes with Text/ Deactivate Codes: "Goto/Cause"