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User Exits in QM Text Processing
This enhancement allows you to change the change mode during long text processing in the QM environment. The system calls the relevant function module EXIT_SAPLQTXT_001, when you are in change mode with the history (C_MODE = 'HI'). The interface parameters are then filled as follows:

I_LONGTEXT_OBJECT : Long text object

I_LONGTEXT_ID : Long text ID

I_LONGTEXT_KEY : Long text key

I_LANGUAGE : Language

C_MODE : Processing mode for the long text. When the user exit is called , the parameter has the value 'HI' (Existing long texts can only be added to. Existing long text lines are blocked for changes in the long text editor, and cannot be deleted). You can change this parameter in the user exit. The only permitted values here are 'UP' (Long text can be changed at will), or 'AZ' (Long text is displayed only). If you enter a different value in the user exit, the program uses the default value set by SAP.

Example :

You have planned change documents for an inspection characteristic, enter the latter in results recording and save. After these actions, in

  • EXIT_SAPLQTXT_001: QM Long Texts : Change Change Indicator