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Payment Media Program User Exits
User exit - function module for modifying data media for the print of

the payment media


You use this user exit to carry out changes to data record . You can find the exact name for the transmitted data from the interface of the function module. Changes can be carried out in the fields of the structure



To program the required modifications, create an include file with the name



This file will be merged with the function module


. To create the user exit, use the transaction

  • To do this, create a project with the name



  • Enter the enhancement


in the list of SAP enhancements.

  • Activate the project



Notes on the data transfer structure DTAMNLC

In the standard system, the transfer structure for payment or collection contains the following data:

Payment Collection

INFOCODE1      0160                          0110
VARICODE1      A                             B
TEXT1          1st line of payment notice     Name of payer
INFOCODE2      0160                          0113
VARICODE2      A                             B
TEXT2          2nd line of payment notice    City of payer
INFOCODE3      0160                          0160
VARICODE3      A                             A
TEXT3          3rd line of payment notice    1st line of payment notice
INFOCODE4      0160                          0160
VARICODE4      A                             A
TEXT4          4th line of payment notice    2nd line of payment notice
INFOCODE5      0170                          0160
VARICODE5      B                             A
TEXT5          Name payee                    3rd line of payment notice
INFOCODE6      0173                          0160
VARICODE6      B                             A
TEXT6          City of payee                 4th line payment notice
XAVIS_REQ      'X' if you want a payment advice notice to be printed
               ' ' if you do not want a payment advice notice to be

Note that you may only change the VARICODE in 'A' if the INFOCODE is 0170. In this case, the name of the payee may be no longer than 24 characters.

Furthermore, if the INFOCODE is 0160 (payment notice), the text may be no longer than 32 characters.

  • EXIT_RFFOEXIT_022: User Exit Domestic DME Netherlands Format ClieOp02