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TR:User Exits - Confirmations(SAPscript)
The following enhancements have been made for confirmation correspondence in Treasury. With these, confirmation data can be enhanced according to individual requirements.

In the exit function modules, correspondence output structures (TBCO structures) and/or tables are transferred. These can be used to make changes and/or preferably add your own fields using append structures.

In case data from the flow tables, condition tables, etc. is required for the individual transactions, this must be imported from the database. The transaction header (structure VTBFHA) and transaction activity (structure VTBFHAZU) are transferred to the interface.

You will find a more detailed description in the documentation of the relevant function module.

Note the following regarding SAPscript if you wish to change/add to data. You have no influence on the output sequence of the form elements as you cannot define your own print program. Output is controlled via different function modules of function group TB85.

If you wish to make enhancements in your correspondence that are generally valid, an append structure to structure TBCO_ALL is recommended. The exit function module EXIT_RFTBCOEX_099 is used in all correspondence when activated.

You can call up further exit modules for:


  • Commercial Paper transactions


  • Foreign exchange transactions


  • Currency option transactions


  • Fixed-term deposit transactions
  • Deposit at notice transactions


  • FRA transactions


  • CAP/FLOOR transactions


  • SWAP transactions (Derivatives)


  • Securities transactions (all product categories)


  • Cash flow-based transaction


A further customer exit is used for confirmation IDOCs:


Directly before calling up MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE, you get control over the IDoc via the customer exit.

  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_010: Customer Exit CP - Commercial Paper
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_020: Customer Exit FX - Foreign Exchange
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_030: Customer Exit OP - Options
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_040: Customer Exit TD - Fixed-term Deposit & Deposit at Notice
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_050: Customer Exit FR - FRA
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_060: Customer Exit CF - CAP/FLOOR
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_070: Customer Exit SW - SWAP
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_080: Customer Exit SE - Securities
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_090: Customer Exit ZZ - Cash flow-based Transaction
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_099: Customer Exit ALL - Refers to Structure TBCO_ALL
  • EXIT_RFTBCOEX_500: Customer Exit Correspondenz-IDoc Treasury (MM/FX/DE/SE)