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User Exits for RHPV (Day-To-Day Activ.)
Customer enhancement 'RHPV0001' enables you to perform additional checks for attendance and business event data before an attendee is booked. For example, you can refuse to permit a booking if the attendee does not satisfy specific requirements.

The customer exit is processed when a booking, prebooking, rebooking, or replacement is performed. If the customer exit is activated, checks are performed for business event and attendance data in addition to the checks performed in the standard system. The resulting messages are output after the exit is called.

The messages output in the standard system cannot be deactivated by the customer exit.

The customer exit interface includes attendee data, business event data, and information as to whether the attendee is an individual or group attendee.

Furthermore, a function code is transferred that displays the current activity.

FCODE Activity

INSE Booking

PREB Prebooking

MOVE Rebooking

REPL Replacement

If an error message (type 'E') appears in the message table, the attendee cannot be booked. If a warning message (type 'W') is displayed, the user can cancel the activity. An information message creates a popup that merely provides information and cannot be cancelled.

If an error message is created, it is output alone without additional warning or information messages. Warnings and information messages are output one after the other in the order in which they appear in the message table.

Note that the customer exit is also performed without dialog (such as in the ESS service). In this case, no messages can be output. If an error message is created, the attendee cannot be booked, rebooked, prebooked, or replaced.

  • EXIT_SAPLRHPV_001: User Exit for Booking/Replacement/Rebooking Checks