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Position Planning
This enhancement can be used with customer enhancement RHGB0001.

For every structure object, a text field, defined by the customer can be filled with information for the list output in Simple Maintenance.

Using a menu funciton, which customers may name themselves, the information can either be displayed or hidden. This is possible in enhancement RHGB0001 for the simple maintenance of the organizational plan and reporting structure (transactions PPOM, PPOS, PPOC, PPO3, PPO4).

You can use the menu funciton in Simple Maintenance for account assignments and further attributes (transactions PPO1, PPO2, PPO5, PPO6). You can also activate the menu function in the last transaction, with which information defined in enhancement RHGB0001 can be displayed or hidden.

Please use the same name for the menu function both here and in enhancement RHGB0001.

  • SAPLRHSI+CUS: Additional info on/off