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User Exits: LIS Data Enhancement
Function exit to import external data to the information structures of the Logistics Information System (LIS)

This function exit enables you to transfer external data (for example, statistical data from a legacy system) to the LIS information structures.

You can use this functional enhancement as part of Copy Management.

Select the info structure in which you want to write data as the source info structure. As long as you have activated the user exit that provides data for the selected source info structure and you have selected the option 'Source data via user exit', data collection will be transferred to the user exit.

Input parameters
  1. I_GSTRU: Name of the table for the info structure (for example, S001, S601)
  2. I_INDEX: Index of the first entry of a new data packet
    Data collection should be carried out in blocks. If you want
    to process blocks of 50,000 entries, for example, the
    variable I_INDEX will supply the value one when the user exit
    is called up for the first time, and after the first block is
    updated (and therefore when the user exit is called up for
    the second time), the I_INDEX will supply the value 50001.
  3. I_FPATH: path name of the data to be imported
    (for example, /oracle/C11/data.1993)
  4. I_EDFLG: control indicator
    This indicator can be used to control the coding process
    within the function exit (for example, via a CASE
  5. I_PSIZE: data packet size
    The number of data records that are transferred to copy
    management from the function exit for further processing.
Table parameters
  1. T_DATA: Table with statistics data
    Statistical data is read and made available in the user exit.
    The statistical data provided is processed in the
    structure of the table for the info structure (I_GSTRU).
    This structure is expected in the transfer.
  2. I_SELECT_OPTIONS: Table with selection options
    I_SELECT_OPTIONS contains the selection options for
    characteristics and selectable key figures that were
    specified in the selection screen of the report. This allows
    the data to be read selectively.
    I_SELECT_OPTIONS has the structure RSPARAMS:
    SELNAME Name of the selection option from the report. You can
    find the name of the selection option by displaying the F1
    Help and selecting the function 'Technical info'.
    SIGN See ABAP/4 Documentation on SELECT-OPTIONS
    OPTION See ABAP/4 Documentation on SELECT-OPTIONS
    LOW See ABAP/4 Documentation on SELECT-OPTIONS
    HIGH See ABAP/4 Documentation on SELECT-OPTIONS
  1. NO_MORE_DATA: No more data records exist.
    The user exit is called up again after the last block of
    data has been read, made available and processed.
    RAISE NO_MORE_DATA is a signal by the user exit that
    no more data is available for processing.

  2. Function/Program:
    • EXIT_RMCAF000_001: Read External Data for Data Enhancement