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User Exits for MM-IV
Enhancement RMVKON00 is used in the settlement of "consignment and pipeline liabilities" in conventional Invoice Verification. This enables you to create invoice documents posted in the report with a different format to that defined in the standard system.

The enhancement comprises two function modules for making changes to:

  • Invoice data before posting the invoice
  • Entries in table RKWA at goods withdrawal

For further information, see the documentation on these function modules.


In the standard system, when an invoice document is posted using the report "Settle consignment/pipeline liabilities", the posting date is filled with the current date. However, if you want to make the posting date directly dependent on the date of withdrawal, you can program this in the enhancement.

  • EXIT_RMVKON00_001: Customer Exit: Consignment Settlement - Change Invoice Data
  • EXIT_RMVKON00_002: Customer Exit: Consignment Settlement - Fill RKWA at Goods Withdrawal
  • EXIT_RMVKON00_003: Customer Exit: Change Consignment Settlement, Vendor, and Doc. Type
  • EXIT_RMVKON90_001: Customer Exit: Consignment Settlement - Change Invoice Data