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xRPM FI Interface User Exits

  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_001: User Exit 001 for xRPM FI Interface: Task Header
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_002: xRPM FI interface user exit 002: build CO selection table
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_003: User exit to get SAP cost object number/currency/controlling area
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_004: User Exit 004 to get additional object links
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_100: User Exit 100 for xRPM Financial Data Interface RPM_FIN01: Task Data
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_101: User Exit 101 for xRPM Financial Data Interface: Cost Data
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_102: User Exit 102 for xRPM Financial Data Interface: Cost Data from COSPA
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_103: User Exit 103 for xRPM Financial Data Interface: Cost Data from COSSA
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_104: User Exit 104 for xRPM Financial Data Interface: Task Level Budget Data
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_201: User Exit 201 (Order Costs)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_202: User Exit 202 (Order Budget)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_203: User Exit 203 (Order Total Plan)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_204: User Exit 204 (WBS Element Costs)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_205: User Exit 205 (WBS Element Budget)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_206: User Exit 206 (WBS Element Total Plan)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_207: User Exit 207 (Network Costs)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_208: User Exit 208 (Network Activity Costs)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_209: User Exit 209 (Network Activity Element Costs)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_210: User Exit 210 (Cost Center Costs)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_211: User Exit 211 (Cost Center Budget)
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_240: User Exit for other cost collector types
  • EXIT_RPM_FIN01_250: User Exit 250 to modify the data