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Report Tree
Additional function in the reporting tree display.

If the enhancement is active, the function appears as the penultimate entry of the "Goto" menu in the reporting tree display.

You can enter customer coding in function module EXIT_SAPMSERP_010:

Import parameters:

  • ISREPOVARI: This parameter is only filled with a value if the cursor is positioned on a report or report variant. ISREPOVARI (structure SREPOVARI) passes special information about the report:
    • Name
    • Variant (if the user has chosen a variant)
    • Type (ABAP report, Query, RW report...). Table SREPOTTYPE contains a list of the various types with descriptions.
  • INODEINFO: This parameter is always filled with a value. It contains all information about the node on which the cursor is positioned. The meaning of each of the individual fields is contained in the header of form RT_READ_TREE_AND_REPORTS (program SAPMSERP, include MSERP40).

Export parameters

  • TREE_LIST_DISPLAY: If TREE_LIST_DISPLAY is set to 'X', the hierarchy is reconstructed after the function module has been executed. This is only necessary if the purpose of the function module is to change the hierarchy (by adding or deleting nodes, for example).


  • EXCEPTION: If the exception is output using a message (MESSAGE ... RAISING), this is done by the calling program.

  • Function/Program:
    • SAPMSERP+RNS: Exit in tree (display)
    • EXIT_SAPMSERP_010: Exit in report tree node (display mode)