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Report Tree
Additional function when displaying/changing node contents in the reporting tree.

If the enhancement is active, the function appears as the penultimate entry in the "Goto" menu when you are displaying or changing a reporting tree.

You can enter customer coding in function module EXIT_SAPMSERP_020:

Import parameters:

  • ISREPOVARI: (structure SREPOVARI) This parameter passes the following information about the report on which the cursor is positioned:
    • Name
    • Variant (if the user has chosen a variant)
    • Type (ABAP report, Query, RW Report...). The different types with their descriptions are contained in table SREPOTTYPE.


  • EXCEPTION: If the exception is output with a message (MESSAGE ... RAISING), this is done by the calling program.

In Release 3.0, this additional function was only available in when changing a menu entry (penultimate entry in the "Goto" menu). Display

  • SAPMSERP+RNC: Exit in nodes
  • EXIT_SAPMSERP_020: Exit in node in report tree (change mode)