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Customer Exit Reporting
Function exits are reserved for customer developments that perform additional checks or similar functions prior to the online start of an ABAP report. They are called every time an ABAP report is started, independent of how the report is started (reporting tree, SA38, SUBMIT REPORT (...)).

Immediately after a function exit is called, standard tests are performed (authorization, start using variant only, and so on (...)).


Importing parameter:

PROGNAME (TRDIR-NAME) Name of the ABAP report

SECU (TRDIR_SECU) Authorization group (--> Program attributes)

SSET (TRDIR-SSET) = X: Your report may only be started using a variant (--> Program attributes)

VARIANT Name of the variant, if the report has been started using a variant; SPACE, if the report has been started without the use of a variant.

  • EXIT_SAPLSABE_010: Exit at beginning of program