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FM Balance Carryforward
You can use this enhancement to enhance the program run SAPFMVTR of the balance carryforward and develop other special activities apart from the SAP system standard activity.

  • You can use function module EXIT_SAPFMVTR_001 to restrict or extend the SAP system standard actual and commitment value types.
  • You can use function module EXIT_SAPFMVTR_002 to define a differentiated controlling of the carryforward item categories in a customer-specific table (logic).

You define cutomer-specific activities that you would like to use in the enhancement in Customizing step

  • EXIT_SAPFMVTR_001: FM: Balance Carryforward Including/Excluding Value Types and Activities
  • EXIT_SAPFMVTR_002: FM: Balance Carryforward - Filter Entries, Override Carryforward Item Cat.