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Reassignment and Account Assignment Determination

You can use the components of this enhancement to influence the account assignment determination of the Funds Management account assignment in the coding block as well as influence the reassignment tool.

The reassignment tool allows the changing of existing FM account assignments. It has not been released in the system standard by SAP and may only be used by those customers who have applied for and received it.

The following components are available to you:

    Determines the Funds Management account assignment from the coding block.
    This component has been released for all customers in the system standard.
  • SAPLFMCH_002
    Own table updates during the reassignment
    This component has not
    • MENUTCMN+FM1: No description
    • EXIT_SAPLFMCH_001: Determine FM Account Assignment from Coding Block
    • EXIT_SAPLFMCH_002: Own Table Updates During Reassignment
    • EXIT_SAPLFMCH_003: Change of Account Assignment, Reject Reassignment