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User exits for update

You can use this enhancement to activate number assignment of a control number. The control number (for example, the budgetary control list) can serve as a sorting criterion in reporting. You can put a parenthesis around the documents of an activity chain (Purchase requisition -> Purchase order -> Invoice -> Payment).

The control number is stored in field CTRNR in the tables FMIOI and FMIFIIT. The number can then be processed in all report programs and logical databases. If you want to use this number to make a specific selection, you must create an index using this number.

Number assignment is controlled by three exits. The function modules are called up in every Funds Management posting (commitment, actual, fiscal year change, reassignment...) in the following order:

    Activating the FM control number
    Preparing the customer FM control number
    Putting together the FM control number

The modules are called up in the V2 posting. You can therefore only debug if the posting debugging is active. The only means of issuing messages is using the EX

  • EXIT_SAPLFMKN_001: Activate FM Control Number
  • EXIT_SAPLFMKN_002: Preparing Customer FM Control Number
  • EXIT_SAPLFMKN_003: Compile FM Control Number