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Enhancement for Payment Selection (RFFMS200)

You can use the components of this enhancement to influence the payment selection process (RFFMS200).

The following components are available for you:

    RFFMS200: Fill user dimension: Payment
    The User dimension field is not filled in the system standard. You can use this component to fill the field.
    RFFMS200: Prevents the conversion of credit memo-invoice to payment
    In the system standard, a conversion of cleared invoices by credit
    • EXIT_SAPLFMPA_001: RFFMS200: Fill User Dimension: Payment
    • EXIT_SAPLFMPA_002: RFFMS200: Prevents Conversion of Credit Memo Invoice To a Payment
    • EXIT_SAPLFMPA_003: RFFMS200: Activating the V2 update
    • EXIT_SAPLFMPA_004: RFFMS200: Payment Records not Statistical for Credit Memos
    • EXIT_SAPLFMPA_005: RFFMS200: Activate Conversion of 60-50 Invoices
    • EXIT_SAPLFMPA_006: RFFMS200: Deactivate Conversion of Overpayments