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Customer Exits: Pull List RMPU
This user exit contains the following function modules:
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_001: ALV-Print requirements totals
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_002: ALV-Print requirements details
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_003: ALV-Print replenishment elements
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_004: ALV-Print comment block in the list header

Using this user exit, you can adjust the print data to suit your specific needs before printing. You can also choose to print your adjusted data yourself or you can instruct the system to print it.

  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_005: Conversion of the base unit of measure to the alternative unit of measure.
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_006: Conversion of the alternative unit of measure to the base unit of measure.
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_007: Rounding up/down the replenishment proposals.
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_008: Reduce the requirement quotas

How to use it is described in detail in the documentation of the individual modules.

  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_001: Exit: ALV Print of the Pull List - Reqmts Totals
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_002: Exit: ALV Print of the Pull List - Reqmts Details
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_003: Exit: ALV Print of the Pull List - Replenishment Elements
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_004: Exit: ALV Print - Comment Section in the List Header
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_005: Exit: Conversion of Base Unit of Measure to Alternative Unit of Measure
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_006: Exit: Conversion of Alternative Unit of Measure to Base Unit of Measure
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_007: Exit: Rounding Up/Down the Replenishment Elements
  • EXIT_SAPLRMPU_008: Exit: Reduce requirements share