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Customer Exits for Batch Handling
You can use the following components of SAP enhancements SAPLV1ZN for assigning characteristics to batches in conjunction with the central function module VB_CREATE_BATCH:

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_011. You can use this CFC to specify a reference batch when creating a new batch.
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_012. You use this CFC to determine the type of classification (online or in the background, for example).
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_013. You can use this exit to assign characteristic values to the batch master record of the new batch.
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_014. You can use this exit to classify user-defined characteristics in the background when batch classification is activated.

Interfaces are documented in the respective components.

In all exits you can use a communication structure with the application

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_011: Create Determination of Source Batch
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_012: Type of Batch Classification
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_013: Master Data Maintenance for Batches
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_014: Enhanced Classification for Batches