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ABAP Workbench customer exits
The enhancement consists of the function exit EXIT_SAPDSAHD_010. This is called when
  • creating a program
  • changing/displaying the program attributes
  • switching from display to change mode within the program attributes (when switching from change to display, the function exit is NOT called).

The call occurs when all checks (authorizations, long term and short term locks) have been completed in the program attributes. When this happens, the program is already locked, the authorizations have been checked and the correction and transport system checks have been performed. Any messages resulting from these checks are als output

  • EXIT_SAPDSAHD_010: Exit in Program Attributes (Call: Create Program; Display, Change Attr.)
  • EXIT_SAPLSEDTATTR_010: Exit in Program Attributes Release 4 (on Create Program,Disp./Chg. Attrs.)