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User exits for printing FT documents

Using this enhancement, you can change or redetermine data that is used for printing foreign trade documents.

You can use the following table parameters, which are based on SAPscript communication structures.

  • T_V55EEUDC - Single Administrative Document
  • T_V55EFEEU - Movement certificate EUR1
  • T_V55EFETR - A.TR.
  • T_V55EFECO - Certificate of origin EU
  • T_V55ENAFT - NAFTA documents

The packing data has been moved to table parameter T_V55EPACK. The system only provides data from the current document to be printed.
The remaining table parameters, excluding packing data (if it exists), are not filled. Depending on the document to be printed, the table parameter data is summarized or is not summarized, that is, document items with identical characteristics are combined to form one print item. Note that fields VENUM, EXIDV, VPBAU, TIVEL, and UEVEL are not filled if packages are combined.
Any change in the table lines will immediately cause a different print result.

A line in the table parameter corresponds to an item in the document to be printed. There is a 1:n-relationship between table parameters and packing data.
This means that a print item can contain none, one or several pieces of packing data information. The relationship between table parameters and packing data is based on communication structure field PAPOS.

Import parameter I_NAST contains information on the current output to be printed.

You can stop printing with the DOCUMENT_INCOMPLETE exception.


You print an export declaration on the basis of the billing document by using standard output type FEEX. Three of the five billing items have identical commodity codes and are combined to form one item.
Therefore, this function module receives table parameter T_V55EEUDC with only three entries. At this time, the table parameter data is already completely formatted for printing.
The system has assigned a large box and a small box as packing data to entry no. 1 in T_V55EEUDC. The boxes form two entries in T_V55EPACK. The system creates the necessary connection via the PAPOS field (T_V55EEUDC-PAPOS and T_V55EPACK-PAPOS). This means that the first print item has value T_V55EEUDC-PAPOS = '01', the packing data entry for the large box has value T_V55EPACK-PAPOS = '01' and value '01' has been assigned to the small box. The second print item has value T_V55EEUDC-PAPOS = '02'. Packages belonging to this item also have entry T_V55EPACK-PAPOS = '02', etc.

Changes to the data in T_V55EEUDC or T_V55EPACK influence print output directly!

If certain fields in table parameter T_V55EEUDC are not filled, although this is mandatory, you can terminate printing by setting the DOCUMENT_INCOMPLETE exception.


Note the following when you print the Single Administrative Document - Field No. 31 - Packages and Description of Goods:

The size of the field is limited to eight lines. The number of fields (F031-STXT1 to F031-STXT6) in table parameter T_V55EEUDC determines how many lines of a goods description are printed. The system uses the remaining lines for package information or for specifying the origin. This means that the system issues data dynamically: If more room is needed for goods descriptions, less is used for packing data, and vice versa. If fields F031-STXT1 to F031-STXT6 are filled, the system prints six lines of Field No. 31 with goods descriptions. The two remaining lines can be used for packing data or for specifying the origin of the goods. Similar to this procedure, the system reserves five lines for

  • EXIT_SAPLV55E_001: User exit for print control of FT documents