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User Exits for SD Transport Processing

This customer exit enables you to change the delivery header group in an IDoc with type TPSDLS01. You can change it after the system has inserted the segment into the IDoc table. The current segment is the last one in the table.

The system calls up the customer exit after having created the following segment types: E1TPDLH, E1TPACC, E1TPALC, E1TPTRM, E1TPLOC, E1TPTIW, E1TPLCT, E1EDT13, E1TPDIH, and E1TPNOT. At each call, you can either change or insert data in already existing segments or add additional segments.


1) This example includes source code which the system uses to access

the delivery header. One field is changed.

* Declaration of Datastructures

  data: e1tpdlh like e1tpdlh.     "delivery header segment
  data: last_seg type i.          "index of last tidoc table entry

* determine idoc table size and read last segment

  describe table idoc_data lines last_seg.
  read table idoc_data index last_seg.

* do something if the written segment was delivery header segment

  if segment_name = 'E1TPDLH'.
    e1tpdlh = idoc_data-sdata.   "get the data contents of the segment
    e1tpdlh-shpprj = '15'.       "change shipment project number to 15
    idoc_data-sdata = e1tpdlh.   "write back segment contents
    modify idoc_data index sy-tabix.

2) This example includes source code with which a segment is inserted

after the action code segment (to do this, you have to change

the IDoc).

* Declaration of Datastructures

  data: e1tpnew like e1tpnew.     "a new segment

* do something if the written segment was action code segment

  if segment_name = 'E1TPACC'.
    e1tpnew-newfield = '0001'.    "set the field values of new segment
    idoc_data-sdata = e1tpnew.    "write segment contents

  • EXIT_SAPLV56I_001: IDOC TPSDLS: Modification of IDOC in Delivery Header Segment Group