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Assortment List: Function Exit
Function module exits are provided for generating assortment lists:
  • The data for generating IDocs and creating versions is made available for modification. Here it can be supplemented by further data and segments.
  • The data for creating a line in an assortment list version can be altered again in an exit.
  • All potential assortment lists items are made available in a table so that the items can then be arranged within the list.
  • As a customer-defined sorting method is also likely to affect how groups of items are created, these are also made available for adjustment before updating. This ensures that navigation using the
    • EXIT_SAPLWBBE_001: Modification of Assortment List Items and Groups
    • EXIT_SAPLWBBE_002: Field Modification in the Assortment List Line
    • EXIT_SAPLWBBI_001: Modification of Replenishment List IDoc
    • EXIT_SAPLWBBI_002: Customer Enhancement for Assortment List Change Analysis
    • EXIT_SAPLWBBR_001: Sort Modification for Materials in the Assortment List