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Workflow for Revenue Distribution
Using this enhancement project, you can define your own distribution of the total revenue earned during a mass retirement. You define how the revenue is distributed among the assets being retired.


To use this function, follow these steps:

  • Set the indicator for "user-defined" revenue distribution when creating the worklist for the mass retirement.
  • Modify function module EXIT_RAWFOB02_001 to meet your specific requirements. Enter your own program code in the included program ZXWFOU01.
  • Activate a customer project using SAP enhancement WFOB0001 (Project Management of SAP Enhancements, transaction: CMOD).


Function module EXIT_RAWFOB02_001 makes the following parameters available for revenue distribution:

  • I_ERLBT - Amount of revenue earned
  • I_BWASL - Transaction type key
  • I_BZDAT - Asset value date of mass retirement
  • I_BUDAT - Posting date of mass retirement
  • I_BLDAT - Document date of mass retirement
  • I_WI_ID - ID of worklist

  • Function/Program:
    • EXIT_RAWFOB02_001: Customer-specific distribution of revenue from mass retirement