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User Exits for RIS
Updating physical inventory normally uses only data from the physical inventory documents themselves.
If you wish to use additional data for updating statistics that is not contained in the documents,
you can determine this data using the function exit EXIT_SAPLWIS5_001 (Enhancement of communication structure for physical inventory document).


  1. Definition of new data as fields in the ABAP Dictionary via
    append structures
    The fields must be included in the user structures MCIKPFUSR
    (physical inventory document header) and MCISEGUSR
    (physical inventory document items).
  2. The data from the physical inventory document is made available in the function exits for determining the new fields:
    - XMCIKPF: physical inventory document header
    - XMCISEG: physical inventory document item after transaction
    - XMCISEGHIS: physical inventory document item before transaction
    • EXIT_SAPLWIS5_001: Customer Exit for Enhancing Comm. Structure of Physical Inventory Doc.