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User Exits for POS Inbound Processing
This enhancement contains function exits for various logical message types in POS inbound processing.


Function exits with the same tasks exist for each logical message type.

Prior to inbound processing

Exits 104, 112, 132, 142, 152

These exits are called before the IDoc is transferred to POS inbound processing.

The tasks of these exits are:

  • IDoc check.

IDoc processing can be stopped.

  • IDoc change.

This means that customer-specific conversions or additions to data can be made, for example.

  • Message creation.

The messages can be viewed in the POS monitor.

User segments

Exits 106, 113, 122, 131, 141

These exits are called if a user segment E1WXX01 is processed during POS inbound processing. The current header segment and the current item segment that belongs to the header segment are available in the interface.

Tasks of this exit:

  • Copy data from the user segment for later use, or supply data to a customer-specific function
  • Change output structures that are created from the current item, e.g. for inventory management, billing or statistics.
Prior to update

Exits 102, 110, 120, 130, 140

These exits are called when processing of an external document (part of an IDoc that can be processed during update) is complete, and immediately before data is created for the R/3 subsequent functions (inventory management, billing, POS statistics).

The segments of the external document, and the input data for the function modules that create the R/3 follow-on documents are provided for the exit.

Tasks of this exit:

  • Check external document data.

This data can be rejected if necessary.

  • Change input data for R/3 follow-on documents.
After inbound processing

Exits 109, 119, 129, 139, 149, 159

These exits are called once processing of an IDoc has been completed.

Tasks of this exit:

  • Trigger subsequent processing. Subsequent processing uses the same data buffer as inbound processing, which is an advantage in terms of performance.
  • Manage log files
The following also applies:

The function module documentation for exits contains further details. The use of the parameters is explained in the type definitions of the relevant type groups.

For exits for function group XWPU not listed here, see the function module documentation.

  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_050: POS Inbound Processing Messages
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_100: Do Not Use! User Exit for Sales Audit: Header for IDoc WPUBON01
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_101: Do Not Use! User Exit for Sales Audit: Line Item in IDoc WPUBON0
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_102: IDoc WPUBON01 Before Document is Posted
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_103: Do Not Use: Sales Audit: Exit for User Segment E1WXX01
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_104: IDoc WPUBON01 Before Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_105: Check Whether IDoc Transaction WPUBON01 Is Compressable
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_106: IDoc WPUBON01 Process User Segment
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_109: IDoc WPUBON01 After Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_110: IDoc WPUUMS01 Before Posting
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_111: Do Not Use! User Exit for User Segment in IDoc WPUUMS
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_112: IDoc WPUUMS01 Before Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_113: Process IDoc WPUUMS01 User Segment
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_119: IDoc WPUUMS01 After Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_120: IDoc WPUKSR01 Before Document Is Posted
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_121: Do Not Use! User Exit for User Segment in IDoc WPUKSR
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_122: IDoc WPUKSR01 Process User Segment
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_123: IDoc WPUKSR01 Before Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_129: IDoc WPUKSR01 After Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_130: IDoc WPUFIB01 Before Document Is Posted
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_131: IDoc WPUFIB01 Process User Segment
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_132: IDoc WPUFIB01 Before Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_139: IDoc WPUFIB01 After Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_140: IDoc WPUWB01 Before Document Is Posted
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_141: IDoc WPUWBW01 Process User Segment
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_142: IDoc WPUWBW01 Before Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_149: IDoc WPUWBW01 After Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_152: IDoc WPUTAB01 Before Inbound Processing
  • EXIT_SAPLWPUE_159: IDoc WPUTAB01 After Inbound Processing