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User Exit for Load Building (as of 99.A)

  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_001: User Exit for Determining Valuation Pr. for Actual Vendor Service Level
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_002: User Exit for Determining the Actual Vendor Service Level
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_003: User Exit for Determining Timepoints for the Actual Vendor Service Level
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_004: User Exit for Determining Stock Fit for Sale
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_005: User Exit for Determining the Date/Time Limits for WLB3
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_006: Decision on Whether to Build a Load
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_007: Customer-Specific Filtering of LB Materials
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_008: Customer-Specific Determination of Order Date for LB Combination
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_009: Customer-Specific Determination of Delivery Date for LB Combination
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_010: Correction Before and After the Current Range of Coverage Step
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_011: Alternative Customer-Specific Algorithm for More Specific Algorithm
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_014: User Exit for Determining Order Items
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_015: User Exit for Determining Forecast Values
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_016: Customer-Specific Filtering of Load Building Combinations
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_017: Customer-Specific Determination of Materials that can be Ordered
  • EXIT_SAPLWLB3_018: Customer-Specific Split in Automatic Load Building