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Material Processor by SAP RFC

Usage of Material Processor


1. General

Download Material processor Excel Add-in (V1.0)

This Excel VBA macro will help to update Materialmaster on SAP by RFC.

This tool does following things
A. Update Material master on SAP by RFC function module: BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA from Excel sheet.


2. Prerequisite & Asssumption

To execute this macro, you need Microsoft® Excel®95 or higher version. In addition, this requires SAP GUI to be installed your PC with librfc32.dll.

So far, this macro function is tested only under Microsoft® Excel® XP, SAP GUI 6.20 and SAP 4.6D. In addition, as this macro accesses to SAP, you will need to have SAP access with good enough authorization to execute targeted transactions.

As this macro uses ADO function in it, you need its dll or ocx, too.



3. Open macro

Open this Excel Add-in with enabling macro. As this is just an Add-in, will not contain any work sheet. When you open the Add-in, you will see the new menu 'Sapass'' added on the left edge of the menu bar.


4. Create new sheet

From menu, select Create New Sheet. Then the new work sheet with header line will be added on the Active worksheet.

a) Create New Sheet then the following sheet will be added.


5. Add fields

For updating Material, you have to first specify the parameters in the sheet.

For creation, you have to specify:

  • Material

  • Industry sector

  • Material type

a) As described in the previous page, you first need to create Material sheet.

b) For specifying fields, you go to either menu bar and select Add field or right click and select Add field (Material)

b-1) Menu bar

b-2) Right click menu

c) Pop up dialog screen appears, so select the group (combobox) and select the fields (multiple fields can be selected). After you hit ok then the fields will be populated on the sheet. *Note, you have to select "Key" fields for each structures if there is any.


6. Update Material

Once you selected the fields to update, select Update Material menu and do update.

a) Finally, once you prepared materials and fields, select the Update Material.

b) Same as other functions, logon to SAP.

c) The parameters are to be passed to the SAP RFC function module: BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA line by line specified in the parameter. Call result (message) will be populated right edge of the fields.