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Table downloader by SAP RFC

Usage of Table Downloader

Step 1
Log on to SAP
Step 2
Select Table
Step 3
Select Fields
Step 4
Step 5
Step 1 - Logon
In this step, you log on to SAP by clicking the button below. This uses ActiveX function, so enable it and get log on to SAP.
*Note: From here, all functions are done in client side VB script. No informations are sent to Sapass site.
Step 2 - Specify Table Name
Specify Table name which you want to obtain data from. The table must be existing in SAP. Then, hit load fields button. E.g. T001W

Step 3 - Select Fields
Select fields of the Table from the Listbox below. You can select multiple fields at one time. Or if you do not select any field, it will be considered as you selected all. But total width of the fields must not exceed 512 bytes. Once selected fields and if they are ok, hit Check button.
Step 4 - Specify Conditions
Here you can specify the conditions for Table entry selection. Here are examples:
  • werks = '1234'
  • werks like '12%'
  • date le sy-datum
You can add/delete selection by hitting the Add/Delete button. *Note - You may have to put and/or to combine the multiple conditions.
Step 5 - Execution
Hit Execute button and the selection is starting. Once the selection is completed table will be shown as a table. If you need to change conditions or fields, you can click tag and go back. Depending on the volume of the selection, it may take time. If you want to change the condition for selection, you can click tag and go back to previous step.